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two surrealist poems

by Suzette, Gilbert, Greg and Nate
upon a CJSR fundrive eve (2002)

Surrealist Poem #1
the night begins
as shadows die
light is born
screaming in awareness
but never in fairness
do we play
or do we pay — choose
it's an investment
in time
or out? I wonder
about such things as i
and we and they
join in thunder of voice
about your freedom of choice
from choosing
we pause palms open

Surrealist Poem #2
flickering away
moth in a bottle
(not a twist-off)
old-fashioned cork only baby
by the sea by the sea by the shining sea
red sky at dawn
territory of clouds aflame
burns vault to vault
leaping to conclusions
like an albatross around my neck
what the heck?
i pause only to jerk ahead
in sysiphian frustration
my pastel illustration



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